Captive bead ring in titanium with gemstone

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When you need new jewelry for your piercing, it's important to choose a good material.

This piece of jewelry is made of titanium, one of the best materials you can use. Titanium is nickel-free, so you can use it in a completely new piercing as the first piece of jewelry.

This item is a captive bead ring, which basically means that it's a ring with a locking ball. The ball has two small indentations where the two ends of the ring fit in. Note that the smaller the diameter and the larger the thickness of the ring you choose, the harder it will be to get the ball in place. It can be a challenge especially in the ear -- you can get someone's help to put the ball in place.

The ball includes a small clear stone. The stone is bezel-set, which means no glue has been used to attach it. The stone is bigger than the hole it sits in, as the edge is slightly pressed around the stone. Therefore, it won't fall out.

Lock typeBall closure
TypeCaptive bead ring
Gemstone colorTransparent
Type of gemstoneZirconia
Number of items1 piece
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Captive bead ring in titanium with gemstone