Fishtail nose stud with opal stone

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Fishtail nose studs are for the do-it-yourself people. If you buy this 3/4" (19 mm) long bar, you can customize your own nose piercing or any other piercing. The bar is made of surgical steel and can be bent as you like. All that is required is a tool that can bend metal - if you don't have such a tool, you can find one in our store's tool category.

As mentioned above, this fishtail bar is 3/4" (19 mm) long and available in two gauge sizes. You will have to choose it according to the thickness of the needle you were pierced with. You can also select from different stone colors and sizes. The stone on this model is not a real opal stone, but a synthetic one. 

TypeFish tail nose stud
Length19 mm.
MaterialSurgical steel
Type of gemstoneSynthetic opal
Number of items1 piece
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Fishtail nose stud with opal stone