Hanger with swan made of bone

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This hanger is incredibly beautiful and detailed, designed as an elegant swan. It’s hand-carved from bone, so there may be small variations from piece to piece. Isn’t it that what makes handmade jewelry so unique?
Both sides of the hanger are carved so that you can wear it in any of your two ears without hiding the featured design, as may happen with pieces with only one carved side.
The hanger is available in gauge sizes ranging from 12g (2 mm) up to 0g (8 mm).
The swan has two delicate wings on each side of the body and extraordinary feathers. So much effort has been put into achieving every beautiful detail in the piece that reflects the creativity. The whole hanger is carved in the shape of a swan, from the bottom design to the wearable area, which represents the long neck and its elegant head.
NameHanger with swan made of bone
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Hanger with swan made of bone