Hangers made of bone with carved squid

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These amazing hangers are a must for those who love gauges. Besides being made of the best material, they are incredibly detailed and unique pieces of jewelry. These hangers with the shape of squids are carved in bone with elaborated details that you can observe in the picture. They are water buffalo bones, collected after a long and natural life. These animals are not raised to make jewelry with their bones, so if you're worried about animals having lived in dignity, you can buy these without any worries. 

We could describe all the beautiful details in the squids, but we'll let the picture speak for itself. 

The hangers are sold in pairs, so you will get two units. They're available in gauge sizes from 8g to 0g (3 to 8 mm). Choose the diameter you need for your gauge: the bigger, the more detailed they are. 

All the squids have been hand-carved in Bali, Indonesia. Since they are hand-made, they aren't identical, but we will do our best to select two very similar ones for you.

NameHangers made of bone with carved squid
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Hangers made of bone with carved squid