Tongue barbell with screw

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Is it jewelry, or is it a tool? Do you want to make people wonder what it is? Try this tongue barbell with a screw and make people wonder how crazy you are! 

The top ball of this tongue barbell is precisely the same as a cross-head screw. 

Besides, it has the standard sizes of tongue barbells, that is, a length of 5/8" (16 mm) and a gauge of 14g (1.6 mm).

Discover other similar jewelry for tongue piercings, like our tongue barbell with a hexagonal screw. Check it out in our online store.

NameTongue barbell with screw
Thread thickness1.6 mm
Lock typeExternal thread
TypeTongue barbell
Length16 mm.
MaterialSurgical steel
Ball size6 mm.
Bottom ball5 mm.
Number of items1 piece
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Tongue barbell with screw