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Nose screw made of titanium with opal stone

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This nose screw is made of titanium, which is one of the best materials for your piercing. Titanium is nickel-free, so you can also use this as a first-time piece in your new piercing.

This type of piece is called a nose screw. It's not threaded, but it features a curved shape at the end that should be screwed into the piercing. Thus, the arch will sit on the opposite side, like a striker. 

In the front part, there is a small opal stone. It's not a real opal gemstone, as they are not suitable for jewelry use due to their material structure. Instead, a synthetic opal is used, which looks just as beautiful as a real one and is more sturdy. 

Besides different color options, you can also choose between two different bar gauge sizes, which you should select according to the way you were pierced. 

Product NameNose screw made of titanium with opal stone
TypeNose screw
PlacementConch, Nostril
Length6 mm.
Ball size2.5 mm.
Type of gemstoneSynthetic opal
Number of items1 piece
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You're reviewing:Nose screw made of titanium with opal stone
Nose screw made of titanium with opal stone