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  1. Fake ring
    2,90 €
  2. Fake nipple shield with tribal pattern
    5,90 €
  3. Fake septum piercing with chain
    5,90 €
  4. Fake heart-shaped septum piercing
    6,90 €
  5. Fake plug
    3,90 €
  6. Fake ear piercing %
    Fake ear piercing
    3,92 € As low as 4,90 €
  7. Ear cuff with studded squares
    8,90 €
  8. Ear cuff with studded leaves
    14,90 €
  9. Fake septum piercing with opal stone and chain design
    12,90 €
  10. Fake tongue piercing made in luminescent acrylic
    3,90 €
  11. Fake plug with dome shape
    4,90 €
  12. Ear cuff with filigree heart design
    4,90 €
  13. Fake nose piercing with angle and stones
    6,90 €
  14. Fake nipple shield with hearts
    5,90 €
  15. Fake taper
    3,90 €
  16. Fake ear piercing with balls
    4,90 €
  17. Fake nose piercing with heart-shaped bead
    8,90 €
  18. Fake nipple piercing with wings
    4,90 €
  19. Ear cuff with branched filigree design
    3,90 €
  20. Fake nose piercing with stone
    1,90 €
  21. Fake magnet piercing with top gem
    2,90 €
  22. Ear cuff with fretwork filigree heart
    2,90 €
  23. Ear cuff with wide filigree design
    2,90 €
  24. Fake spiral taper
    3,90 €
  25. Fake plug made of surgical steel
    4,90 €
  26. Ear cuff with fretwork tribal design
    3,90 €
  27. Fake taper in a variety of colors
    3,90 €
  28. Fake tongue piercing made of acrylic
    3,90 €
  29. Fake nose piercing with studded star bead
    4,90 €
  30. Ear cuff with celtic heart and chain
    3,90 €
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Clip-on piercing jewelry, otherwise known as fake or faux piercings, was specifically created for those who are either not committed enough (yet) or, for any other reason, cannot get real ones. Fake body jewelry can look so realistic that most of the time, you wouldn’t even question or notice whether it is real or not. It is also a fashion accessory and a great addition to any look, without the real commitment. Do you want to get pierced but are not ready for the real deal? Faux body jewelry was made for you! Amongst all the categories on our website, you will find:

Almost every ‘real’ piercing can be imitated, as evident from our large selection.

Where to get clip-on piercing jewelry?

Because of their popularity, you can get your hands on all types of faux jewelry in a lot of online shops. However, we would advise you to choose a piercing webshop, like Bodymod, instead of a fashion brand to avoid using jewelry made out of allergenic materials. It can also be dangerous to order fake piercing jewelry from sketchy websites, as the jewelry can contain sharp edges or unsafe opening/closing mechanisms. Scroll through our ever-expanding collection and explore the best quality pieces.

Wearing clip-on body jewelry means that you can easily change your look without having to alter your body in any way. Fake piercing jewelry is also safer to wear while pregnant. You can rock body jewelry like any other, but take it off easily when needed. Magnetic jewelry is also a popular choice, especially among the younger population. They are easy to put on and simple to remove. If you choose to wear non-piercing body jewelry, make sure to remove it before going to bed. These accessories are not attached to the body like real ones, so you might lose them or even swallow them while asleep. Just make sure to remove them before dozing off to dreamland!

Fake Piercing Categories

Fake Stretching

Stretching your ears is a very long and sometimes uncomfortable process. If you still want to rock the style, you can wear a fake plug. This fresh design is made of surgical steel and comes in three colors. If you are more into organic materials, we have the same one made out of wood. This one comes in four colors. We also have tapers, like this acrylic one, with a surgical steel detail and spiral shape that comes in seven colors.

These kind of pieces are however not entirely fake. You must have a piercing hole of 1.2 mm to wear them.

Clip-On Navel Jewelry

Faux belly button bars are a fun addition to your beach look in the summer. They are so easy to put on. You just have to clip the ring onto the skin above the belly button, and you will have yourself a cute belly ring with a dangle.

Fake Nose Rings and Studs

Clip-on nose rings can be put on and removed in seconds. Thanks to their form, they fit most nose shapes perfectly. You can go for a sparkly one, when feeling fancy or for a more colorful piece with a fun design. And for people who want to go all the way, we have transparent fake nose stud that look the most realistic.

Faux Tongue Barbells

Faux tongue barbells are great to try out the look of a real tongue barbell. These barbells are usually made of acrylic and work with the power of suction. You can find them in different colors. We also have glow in the dark ones, which are especially fun at parties.

Clip-On Nipple Shields

Nipple shields are very sexy and are becoming more and more trendy. You can try some of our designs before getting your nipples pierced for real. Wearing a fake one is much less painful than getting a needle pushed through this sensitive area of the body. The real deal is only for the brave, but we can still be cool wearing faux body jewelry, especially with this piece.

Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are very trendy now, and we can understand why. They look beautiful, are extremely easy to use and can add so much to a fashion look. At Bodymod we think about everyone. We have a wide selection of non-piercing body jewelry designs, like this snake design or these triple earcuffs.

Clip-On Septum Rings

Many people love the look of septum piercings but don’t want to go through the healing period or maybe have a deviated septum that prevents them from getting pierced. In this case, fake septum rings are the most perfect solution. Bodymod has many designs made out of different materials, such as these: