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Captive bead ring with heart-shaped gem-22%

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Captive bead rings or ball closure rings are incredibly versatile jewelry that can be used in several piercings, as long as the sizes suit your piercing. Captive bead rings can be worn in ears, nose, eyebrows, intimate piercings, etc. Where you use it is up to you!

This captive bead ring features a heart-shaped gem instead of a regular ball. This is held in the ring by tension, but the heart can spin in place.

The ring is made of surgical steel, and as you can see in the picture, it's available in different colors. This is because the ring is coated with varying coatings in the color of your choice.

Besides the color of the ring, you can also choose from different heart colors, gauge sizes, and ring diameters. The size of the ball varies according to the diameter you select. Take a look at the options and customize your captive bead ring.

Product NameCaptive bead ring with heart-shaped gem
Lock typeCaptive bead ring
TypeCaptive bead ring
PlacementLobe, Tragus, Helix, Forward helix, Conch, Daith, Septum, Navel, Nipple
MaterialSurgical steel
Type of gemstoneZirconia
Coating typeStandard coating
Number of items1 piece
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Captive bead ring with heart-shaped gem