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Triple layered hinged ring

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Even though this piece of jewelry is called a 3-layered ring, there are actually 3 individual rings welded together. However, only the ring in the middle is regular. The other two rings have had a part removed, so only one ring will go through your piercing.

The rings have different diameters, but all have the same gauge or thickness of 16g (1.2 mm). The rings are approximately 7, 8, and 9 mm (little over 1/4", 5/16", and just short of 3/8"). Even if the ring that measures 5/16" (8 mm) has a hinge that will go through your piercing, you have to take into account the smallest ring in front.

The ring is perfect, for example, for the septum piercing, as the part that goes through your piercing hole is hidden and looks like you have 3 whole rings in your nose. It can also be used in several different ear piercings, depending on one's anatomy and the size of the piercing.

You can open and close the ring by simply pulling the middle ring's segment piece upwards. It has a hinge on one side, so you won't lose the locking part when inserting or removing the ring. Once the jewelry is in place, click the segment part back into the ring. It can be tricky the first few times, especially if your piercing is inside your ear and you don't have a helping hand.

Choose from the different colors you can see in the picture.

Product NameTriple layered hinged ring
Thread thickness1.2 mm.
Lock typeHinge
TypeHinged ring
PlacementLobe, Tragus, Helix, Septum
Ring diameter7 mm.
MaterialSurgical steel
Coating typeAnodized
Number of items1 piece
Is the jewelry coated?Yes, the whole jewelry
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Triple layered hinged ring