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Bodymod PRO for Professional Piercers

Create a business account on Bodymod and benefit from special prices on piercing jewelry, tools, and aftercare.

One of the fastest-growing piercing jewelry provider

We strive to inspire people all over the world to express who they are through piercing jewelry.

Piercing jewelry, professional piercing and aftercare

Piercing JewelryWide selection of jewelry for all types of piercings.
ToolsQuality tools for professional piercers.
AftercareWide range of aftercare products for piercings and stretching.

The power of partnering with Bodymod


We provide customers and piercers all over the world with piercing jewelry and equipment.

24h Support

Our customer support is there to help you 24 hours every day Monday-Friday.

Fast Delivery

All orders placed before 14:00 GTM+2 on business days will be shipped on the same day by DHL Express.

High Quality

We offer piercing jewelry of high-quality material that can be used for first-time piercings.

Sign up for a business account on Bodymod

Follow these simple steps to create a business account

Create a regular account on Bodymod by clicking the yellow button below

Send an email with subject “B2B account” to [email protected]  with your VAT number and social media profiles We use this information to make sure you qualify for a business account

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