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Ear piercings

Welcome to Bodymod’s huge collection of high-quality earrings and other ear piercing jewelry. Discover new ways to express your unique self and show the world who you are.

We have designs to suit anyone’s style, subtle rings, bold studs, you name it. Ear piercing jewelry offers the greatest variety and can easily carry your whole vibe or just add that last detail to an amazing outfit.

All our body jewelry is made only from the best materials. Most of them are of surgical steel, but we also have classic 14K gold as well as options for sensitive skin, like titanium and PTFE. And with our reliable and tracked delivery, you’ll be showing off your new favorites in no time. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore!

Ear Piercing JewelryEar Piercing Jewelry

Ear piercing types and tips

To simplify, one can split the many types of ear piercings into two categories: earlobe and cartilage. While earlobe piercings have the longest history, cartilage piercings are quickly growing in popularity due to the endless possibilities for personalization. They cover lots of different placements like tragus, helix, daith, and industrial.

The tragus sits on the small area next to the ear canal itself, perfect for a cute earring or labret. It’s fairly inconspicuous, so depending on the jewelry you choose to wear, you decide how much attention it will draw. Whether you want to look up-beat or cozy, we’ve got you covered.

A helix is another popular type. Its area ranges the whole curve of the ear, giving you lots of possible placements. Many people have multiple helix piercings so they can have a neat arch of eye-catchers to describe the shape of their ear.

Great placements for small, refined earrings are the rook and the daith. Their high positions just above the ear canal give them a sense of respectability, one might even say majesty. Yet they don’t look excessive or immodest.

As you can tell, the cartilage offers many exciting placements, and some are wide open for interpretation. A piercing type such as the flat ear piercing sits anywhere on the flat part of your cartilage. There is plenty of room in this area to play around with the exact look of your ear decoration. You can even fit two or more pieces of ear piercing jewelry to put together your very own stylish mosaic, a true flourish of body art bravura. Double ear piercings are generally trending these days, whether on the lobe or cartilage, because you can combine your beautiful pieces of jewelry into something even greater than the sum of its parts.

Speaking of double ear piercings, an industrial is when a bar penetrates the cartilage in two places on the helix, basically giving you two-in-one. Like any type, some jewelry for this ear piercing is extravagant, but plain designs also work wonders for it. Being a large piece, it will for sure underline your personal style. If you want to go even bigger or bolder, complete arrangements or stretched lobes might be good alternatives. They’re all simple but very effective.

Ear piercings are the most commonly seen piercings, so experimenting with your ear jewelry is great for standing out. Lately, the design of ear jewelry has received much attention, by all genders. Everyone can express themselves and tell their unique story with ear piercing jewelry. Be bold and show the world who you are.

All our jewelry comes in multiple designs, sizes, and colors, so with all these placements and styles to choose from, you can come up with infinite creative compositions. You will never run out of new looks to try.

Ear Piercing RingsEar Piercing Rings

Ear piercing trends of 2024

At Bodymod, we work hard to offer the most stunning ear piercing jewelry in their latest trend. All you have to do is look around our collection and be amazed. Browse the categories below, and you are sure to find your new favorite piece of ear jewelry.

If you want to dance to the latest beat, double ear piercings have become extremely popular. Usually, we would prefer quality over quantity, but there is just something magical about two or more pieces of jewelry joining forces. Don't you think?

You can have pieces echo each other, like how this triangular ball cluster might be the perfect finesse that brings a curve of beads to life. Or if you’re feeling bold, you may go for the power of contrast by pairing an ornate stone-studded angel wing with a minimalistic heart shaped earring - perhaps even in different colors.

Of course, an industrial is a cool double piercing all on its own. And if you have just a single piercing, some jewelry can still give a look of multiplied beauty. Check out our striking triple chevron ring to see what we mean.

Ear JewelryEar Jewelry

FAQ: How to treat your ear piercings

How are ear piercings made?

There are two ways to make a piercing: needle and gunshot. While gunshots might be one of the most common ways, we absolutely do not recommend it. The reason for this is simple. The shot causes too much damage and stress to your piercing, and even worse if the gun is used on different people it can transmit diseases. The proper way is done by a professional piercer using what is commonly called a cannula needle, or just IV needle. The hollow, single use needle creates minimal scarring and a very clean hole through the ear. Some think it looks more painful, but it is just the opposite. Especially during the healing period, the needle method allows your ear to heal faster and with less pain.

When getting ready to make the piercing, the piercer will usually measure the area, disinfect the ear, make small marks with a single use pen and only then pierce the ear. This, plus many other precautions, will ensure a good result.

How long does my ear piercing take to heal?

The earlobe has a shorter healing period than any of the cartilage piercings, usually 6-10 weeks with proper aftercare. When the cartilage is punctured, it needs 3-6 months to heal fully. Both earlobe and cartilage piercings should be done by a professional piercer who knows the craft and is cautious about sanitation.

Ear JewelleryEar Jewellery

How do I treat my piercing while it heals?

As your new piercing heals, you must take good care of it. Make sure you know how to clean your piercing during the healing period. To avoid infection and speeding up the healing process, clean it twice a day: once with a delicate soap, such as intimate soap or baby soap, and water, and once by soaking your piercing in a saline solution for 5-10 minutes. Both clean the piercing, but the saline solution does wonders for the healing process.

Never touch your piercing during the healing period, except when you clean it. It is a wound, after all, and therefore vulnerable to infection. Leave it alone the rest of the time.

Also, keep the jewelry in place when cleaning your piercing. In fact, keep it there at all times during the healing period, otherwise, the piercing will grow back together. Don’t even change the jewelry, because that can irritate your piercing and in the worst case cause an infection.

We recommend never leaving your piercing without jewelry, even after it has healed. Although it won’t grow back together, it can still become difficult to insert jewelry without causing damage to your piercing. This can happen in a matter of minutes! So you have a fine excuse to always look amazing.

Which material is best for a new piercing?

We have high quality jewelry in many beautiful materials like gold and surgical steel, but if your piercing is new, titanium is the best choice. It’s durable and hypoallergenic, making the healing process quicker and easier.

How do I clean my ear piercing jewelry?

Piercing jewelry should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth without any chemicals. Cloths for polishing other kinds of jewelry are often infused with anti-tarnish agents, so be careful to avoid those.

The cleaning itself is easy. Gently wipe your jewelry with an untreated cloth, taking care of all the nooks and crannies, and voilà, your favorites stay shiny and looking their best.

Are ear piercings a treatment for migraine headaches?

Some consider a daith piercing a possible alternative treatment for migraines. Maybe it’s the placebo effect, or maybe the jewelry puts pressure on a specific nerve, like acupuncture. There is still no scientific proof that a daith piercing will relieve, let alone prevent, migraines, but the anecdotal evidence is growing. In any case, it’s quite fascinating, isn’t it?

Ear PiercingsEar Piercings