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Nostril Piercing Jewelry

Discover your favorite nostril piercing jewelry that transforms your look in diverse styles, designs, and materials

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Nostril Piercing

If you’re on the hunt for the coolest look in town, you may well have found it. The nostril piercing is the perfect way to emphasize your face, a beautiful glimmer on the side of your nose to match the one in your eyes. Try it out for yourself, and see what we mean. Explore our collection of nostril jewelry, and swiftly receive your top picks with our fast delivery. Very soon, your new vibe will dazzle everyone.

A nostril piercing goes through one of your nostrils. No surprises there, perhaps, but wait till you dive into the expressive potential that this popular piercing has. First of all, its playful asymmetry sets it apart from the other widespread nose piercing type, the septum. Of course, you’re free to have one in each nostril, but there’s a neat edginess to having a nostril piercing ring in only the right or left side

Secondly, the options for nostril piercing jewelry are plenty and make a huge impact on your look. The size of your nostril ring alone makes a noticeable difference. People usually don’t wear very large rings, but it’s up to you if you want yours to hug the edge of your nostril closely, or if you would like to leave just a little space in between. A close fit looks more snug and cozy, while the empty space inside a slightly bigger ring has an air of lightness about it. Such details matter, and we haven’t even gotten into jewelry design yet.

Nostril PiercingNostril Piercing

What’s more, nostril jewelry is not limited to rings. A lot of people opt for a cute stud or nose screw that serves almost as a wearable beauty mark. Instead of a curve wrapping itself around the nose rim, this is a crown sitting on top of the nostril entrance, shining like a tiny sun. Majestic but not at all imposing. In fact, nostril rings and studs alike are pretty subtle jewelry types. Even though they sit right in the middle of your face and never fail to be noticed, they seldom take up a lot of space and cry out for attention. They strike a perfect balance between finesse and audacity, allowing you to experiment with many different designs without going overboard.

Last but not least, there’s the placement of your nostril piercing. This of course depends on your anatomy and what is the most comfortable fit for you, but it’s also a matter of style. Not only do you decide which nostril to decorate, but there is also no rule about where exactly to place the jewelry along the span of the nostril edge. The same goes for studs, though they are usually placed in the middle of the side of the nose, but if it’s a high nostril piercing, the stud sits higher up to create a different look.

Piercing NostrilPiercing Nostril

The variety of placement options combined with the variety in jewelry types also allow you to get multiple nostril piercings, even in the same nostril, and put together a creative composition of your favorite jewelry designs.

Speaking of designs, we offer a great diversity of styles, colors and materials, from titanium and surgical steel to 14K gold. Check out the ever-popular seamless ring, available in a range of colors for you to choose from. Its minimal design fits just about any outfit and is a surefire bet for any occasion. But maybe you resonate more with a groovy opal stone, a little something to play off of your smile and guarantee that the world smiles back. Or why not go out on a gemstone frenzy with an ensemble of golden four-leaf clovers and deeply colored zirconia? Dress to impress, right?

Don’t hold back, let yourself loose on the countless possibilities, and dream of the many ways you can express your personality to everyone around you. And the best part? At the click of a button, those dreams come true. We cannot wait to see the new you!

Nostril JewelryNostril Jewelry

What size are nostril piercings?

The standard thickness of nostril jewelry is about 0.8 mm. This varies with individual anatomy, and if you want a high nostril piercing, it might differ. The nostril piercing hole is usually smaller than most other piercings, but remember to ask your piercer’s advice.

How long does a nostril piercing take to heal?

6-12 months is the healing time of nostril piercings. This is a long time, so you need to be patient and treat your healing piercing to correct aftercare. In case you want both nostrils pierced, do yourself a favor, and let the first one heal completely before getting the second one. Healing both at once is twice the effort, twice the soreness and twice the risk of infection.

How to clean a nostril piercing

As long as your piercing is still healing, clean it twice every single day. Clean it once with water and delicate soap and later with a saline solution. Always begin by washing your hands before cleaning your piercing. Also, you should leave the piercing completely untouched at all other times to avoid unnecessary risk of infection and general irritation, which will slow down the healing process.

Nostril RingNostril Ring

When can you change your nostril piercing?

When the piercer makes your piercing, they also put in your first jewelry. This is necessary for the healing process as it keeps the wound from closing up. For that reason, you should leave it in your piercing throughout the entire healing period, not even taking it out to put something else in. You may only change the jewelry once your piercing is fully healed. However, your patience pays off as you can then wear whatever you like and play around with all the expressive possibilities, such as the unusual design of a beautiful nose crawler.

Nostril Piercing RingNostril Piercing Ring