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Piercing Parts

Did you lose one of the balls on your barbell? Or are you on the lookout for new and exciting details for your style? Our assortment of piercing jewelry parts offers many useful replacements and substitutes for your darling beauties, so you never have to worry about buying all-new jewelry just because you need a little something. Check out our range of lifesavers - you can thank us later.

The main parts of a lot of piercing jewelry are the various kinds of piercing bars and studs and the balls to put on their ends. Depending on your jewelry's size and lock type, you can easily mix and match the parts that speak to you and experiment with your unique look. You may want to try out a flat ball or add an elegant connecter chain to your ear arrangement. Our parts for body piercings are of the same high quality as our other wares, so you can combine them to your heart’s content, as long as they are compatible, without any variance in the grade of the materials.

Piercing BallsPiercing Balls

There are several types of locking mechanisms, so you must find the piercing parts that fit the jewelry you already have. If your piercing balls are internally threaded, and you want a new barbell to put them on, it should be a bar with external threading. And if it’s the balls you want to replace with something more shiny and colorful, get them with internal threading. If you’re searching for new tops for a push-in labret, forget about threading and just find decorations with a push-in pin. We also have locking parts for rings, such as a captive bead held in place by tension from the ends of the ring. Whatever you need, remember to check that the sizes align.

Piercing PartsPiercing Parts

The material is an essential factor that might motivate you to want replacement parts. You may become pregnant, so your belly ring must conform to your body’s changes. You can get a flexible PTFE barbell and keep a fabulous look. Or perhaps you just want to upgrade to something more classy, like 14k gold.

Browse our selection of piercing jewelry parts, and you are sure to find just the missing pieces to complete your personal expression - and maybe a couple of new surprises to boot.

Piercing Body PartsPiercing Body Parts


What to do if you lose your piercing ball?

In many types of piercing jewelry, whether rings, barbells or labrets, a ball closes the jewelry, making you look fantastic. So, if you lose that ball, you can no longer wear the jewelry without a significant risk that it will fall out of your piercing. To avoid losing the jewelry, you should remove it immediately until you can find a replacement ball. You can probably take one from some of your other jewelry, but you’ll eventually get tired of moving it whenever you want to wear the other one. We recommend purchasing a new ball. You may also consider getting a few spare piercing balls to be prepared for these minor accidents.

How to take off a piercing ball?

All our jewelry is designed with you in mind to make it as easy as possible to open and close it at a moment’s notice. With many barbells and labrets, an end ball is simply screwed off when you need to insert the bar into your piercing. Some rings have captive beads that are taken off entirely by hand.

There are also segment rings with removable parts, sometimes on a convenient hinge, and they’re just as simple to deal with. Probably the most straightforward is the push-in mechanism of some barbells and labrets. All you have to do is push the decorative top into or pull it out of the hollow stud. As easy as they are to open and close, all these locks are secure, so you can confidently express yourself.

Piercing BarsPiercing Bars

How to unscrew a tight piercing ball?

Whenever your piercing jewelry is giving you trouble when you want to open or close it, it’s a good idea to have special tools ready. Don’t ever try to unscrew a tight ball with brute force because you might end up breaking your favorite jewelry or even hurting yourself. Using a pair of pliers is much easier and safer for both of you.

Piercing Jewelry PartsPiercing Jewelry Parts

How to build your own piercing barbell with balls?

If you’re the creative type, it’s even possible to buy only separate piercing parts and put together a decoration of your original design. To do this, you must pay close attention to the size and lock type of the parts! You might easily fall in love with a funky end spike only to realize too late that it won’t fit your chosen bar. With this in mind, building your own jewelry is a lot of fun and a fantastic way to live out the style of your dreams.