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Barbell piercing jewelry has stood the test of time and is as popular as ever. And for good reason. In spite of its disarming simplicity, a straight bar is a powerful piece of self-expression that fits in most piercing types and comes in all designs imaginable. Have a look at our selection, and you’ll find countless beauties to choose from, made in different sizes and materials, like surgical steel or titanium. Once you’ve fallen in love with one or more of them, our fast delivery will get them to you before you can say “barbells are the best.”

A piercing barbell has the same basic shape as the barbells you might know from the gym - a straight bar with a ball on each end. But don’t worry, our barbell jewelry is totally lightweight and comfortable to wear. Instead of breaking a sweat, you’ll look fabulous in your new favorite accessory, no matter when or where you choose to show it off.

The simple shape makes almost all piercing placements potential barbell piercings. Depending on the bar length, straight barbells can be worn in ear, tongue, eyebrow, nipple and surface piercings.

Barbell JewelryBarbell Jewelry

First of all, very small barbells are great for earlobe and helix piercings as a fine alternative to earrings and labrets. They often have beautiful designs to really emphasize your fashion sense, like a sprawling arc of stones that follows the curve of your ear. But the shape and colors can also be more subtle, like with a cute series of stars, with only a hint of your stylish personality.

The longest barbells fit the industrial ear piercing. This consists of two helix piercings connected by a single long bar that creates a strong image that is hard to ignore. Being a double piercing, an industrial one naturally gives more weight to your ear decoration without complicating the jewelry design. In fact, industrial jewelry tends to be very simple, adding just a few gemstones or taking a neat shape, because the piercing type is impressive enough by itself.

Barbells PiercingBarbells Piercing

A tongue piercing barbell has only a short bar so that the jewelry does not hit the teeth and generally does not hinder eating. Tongue piercings are fun in that they’re not always visible, so you can choose the perfect moment to surprise someone with this personal accessory. Once a colorful acrylic ball or sparkling gemstone catches the eye, it can never be unseen.

That, of course, is also true of nipple piercings. These are especially accommodating of straight barbells since the length can be pretty much whatever strikes your fancy. A short bar is enough to signal your confidence, but if you want to, why not go all out on something even more noticeable? Nipple barbells come in two types: regular barbells and nipple shields. While regular barbells can have truly eye-catching end bits, a nipple shield is a barbell with a more involved design that more or less covers the nipple, kind of like a shield, which has a lot of potential for nuance in your self-expression.

Piercing BarbellPiercing Barbell

Last but not least, you can have a straight barbell placed underneath the skin, which is known as a surface barbell. This is a type of dermal piercing with two entry points, one for each end of the bar. A surface barbell also differs from other bars in that its ends are angled to peek out on top of the skin, and it usually has holes that anchor the tissue as it heals. This barbell type promises a huge variety of exact placements, allowing you to unleash your piercing creativity just the way you want to.

Barbell jewelry is extremely versatile in terms of placement, and whatever piercing(s) you have, a barbell will probably be perfectly at home there. This goes for comfort as well as sheer looks. We offer a great variety of designs, and there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re into the minimal design of a basic straight bar or you prefer more colors and shapes, you’ll discover something to mirror your personality and show the world who you are. It’s easy to add lots of flavor to a bar, like the awesome tentacles of an industrial bar or a cool circle for a stylish nipple shield. The possibilities are almost endless.

Choose the size that fits your piercing, and just like that, you’ve found something to show your taste for many years to come. We can’t wait to see your favorites in action!

Barbell Piercing JewelryBarbell Piercing Jewelry


How to choose the barbell size for my piercing?

The standard thickness of straight barbells is 1.2 mm or 1.6 mm, depending on the type of piercing you want to wear it in. The length can be whatever you think is right, although for a tongue piercing, you’ll probably want a bar around 16 mm long (not counting the balls). For an industrial, you need a long bar that reaches all the way across the helix of your ear, which is obviously an individual measurement - but 38 mm is not a bad bet.

How to remove a barbell from my piercing?

The process of taking a barbell off, as well as putting it on, is very straightforward. You just unscrew one of the balls and push the bar through the hole of your piercing, then screw the ball back on.

Barbell PiercingsBarbell Piercings

Can I use a ball from another barbell?

At least one end bit of all barbells is detachable by unscrewing it. But this is mostly to make it possible to insert it into your piercing. If your barbell jewelry has a particularly decorative trinket on one end instead of simply two balls, it is most likely only the ball on the other end that can be removed. If, however, your barbell does allow you to unscrew the prettiest part, you can certainly move it to another bar as long as the jewelry is of equal thickness and the threading is compatible. This way, you can experiment with your barbells, piercing by piercing, by exchanging ends of different designs and bars of different lengths.

What are barbell piercings used for?

Thanks to their versatility and simple shape, straight barbells make for very convenient piercing jewelry that you can wear in most piercing types. This makes them a popular choice, and they are especially great for people trying out their very first body piercing as the jewelry is easy to insert and remove and also a breeze to clean.