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Septum Piercing Jewelry

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Septum Piercing

Dare to be yourself! The septum piercing is a sure sign of confidence and never fails to make heads turn. We have all the septum jewelry you need to rock your own beautiful style. Browse our collection, and let yourself be amazed at all the colors, sizes and material options, like classy 14k gold or surgical steel. With our swift delivery, you’ll be wearing your brand new favorites very soon.

A septum piercing goes through the wall that separates the nostrils, so your jewelry is seen emerging in each nostril in a nice, symmetrical position that conveys a sense of balance and stability. Or not, that’s up to you: if you like, you can give your septum ring or horseshoe a slight turn to spice up your look with a bit of playful disarrangement. We say that it’s your septum, so do whatever you want! But no matter how you place it, a septum piercing ring, also known as a bull ring, is a mark of strength. This has often been proven by many of our favorite stars, have you seen how fabulous Gigi Hadid and Lady Gaga look with it?

As you search for your new septum rings, you’ll find there are countless design variations to choose from, and each one has its own vibe. Some are simplicity itself while others are more flashy with gemstones. Some are funky ideas, such as the glow-in-the-dark horseshoe, a guaranteed conversation starter. Since the septum sits in the middle of your face, it automatically becomes a central part of what people see when they look at you. So use it to show them who you are.

Septum PiercingSeptum Piercing

Now, what if we told you that not all septum piercing rings are circular? And that we also offer other shapes for you to explore for your septum? Be amazed by all the possibilities, like a chevron design, an interesting half-circle, half-triangle with an art deco flair. Some even double down on the ring shape to make something unexpected, such as a ring with another ring on it or a doubled circumference. Each of these has a drastically different feel and tone, transforming the usual minimalism of a circle into something entirely unique and surprising.

Pick the right size for you, not just for the most comfortable fit but also for fashion reasons. A larger septum ring is more noticeable and makes a louder statement, while a smaller one is more snug and lures people in to look closely. We have a great choice of septum piercing jewelry for all tastes and our designs are available in different colors, so once you’ve found something you really like, you can make it even more personal by choosing the color that speaks to you - or even collect your favorite jewelry in a range of colors for you to switch between. It’s so easy, but it obviously makes a huge difference to your look.

Whatever style fits your personality the best and helps you shine your light, you can find it in our selection. So what are you waiting for? Have a look around, and express your true self!

Septum JewelrySeptum Jewelry

What size is a septum piercing?

The standard thickness of septum jewelry is 1.2 mm. However, the diameter of rings and horseshoes varies greatly according to your personal anatomy and the look you prefer.

How long does it take for a septum to heal?

A septum piercing heals in just 2-4 months, which is actually quick compared to most other piercing types. Piercing the septum sounds like it must go through the tough nose cartilage, but actually, there is a soft area that is easy to penetrate with the needle. That fact alone is a good reason to consider this particular piercing, because it not only looks fantastic, but it’s also ready to go in a very short time.

Only ever get a septum piercing done by a professional piercer who knows how to find the sweet spot, and who follows hygiene regulations. And of course, if you do not take proper care of your piercing while it heals, the healing time can be longer. So make sure that you know how to perform the correct aftercare.

Septum RingSeptum Ring

How to clean a septum piercing?

Clean your healing septum twice every day, first with water and a delicate soap, and later, with a saline solution. The first cleaning obviously keeps the wound nice and clean to prevent infections, and the second cleaning gets rid of excess fluid, which aids the healing process. Always wash your hands before each cleaning.

Also, never touch your piercing during the healing period apart from when you clean it. Give it the peace and quiet it needs to heal.

Piercing SeptumPiercing Septum

How to put in a septum ring?

We do our best to provide user-friendly items, and most of our jewelry is very easy to put on and take off. Still, you should always thoroughly examine the locking mechanisms of each little beauty and understand how they work before you try to wear them.

Some septum rings have hinged segments that you simply pull open before inserting the ring through the piercing hole and close again. You’ll feel a click as the hinge falls into place. Other rings have removable parts, usually captive beads, which are a visible element in the design. Yet another kind is entirely seamless and just has a small, permanent opening in the circumference. With no moving parts, all you have to do is fit the ring through your piercing. It’s all quite convenient, but do make sure you are familiar with your jewelry before putting it on.

Piercing Septum RingPiercing Septum Ring