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Circular barbells or horseshoes can be used in many different barbells, such as the ear, tragus, nose, lip, eyebrow, nipple piercings, etc. 

This barbell is made of pure surgical steel, an excellent material for piercings. Surgical steel doesn't release nickel, and it's approved by the legislation of the European Union on piercing jewelry. Colored models have gone through a coating process called polarization. The only exceptions with no coating are the gold and silver models. 

The silver model is made of a kind of surgical steel with excellent treatment, but no coating. If you want the gold-plated model, you will receive a barbell made of surgical steel, but with a 14-karat gold coating. 

Select the size and color you wish from the drop-down menu above, and get this fabulous circular barbell for your piercing. 

NameCircular barbell with balls
Lock typeExternal thread
PlacementLobe, Tragus, Helix, Forward helix, Daith, Rook, Snug, Anti-tragus, Nostril, Septum, Lower labret, Angelbite, Spiderbite, Snakebite, Labia, Clitoris hood, Nipple
MaterialSurgical steel
Coating typeAnodized
Number of items1 piece
Is the jewelry coated?Yes, the whole jewelry
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Circular barbell with balls