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Lip Piercing

Looking for that special something to spice up your style and channel a whole new you? There’s probably nothing better than a beautiful lip piercing! It’s bold, it’s stunning, and it’s just the thing for expressing who you are. This piercing type and all the amazing jewelry available for it draw attention to your face and emphasize your features in a highly memorable way. Browse our collection of lip ring jewelry and other wonderful trinkets in all sorts of designs and materials, like surgical steel, titanium and 14k gold. Discover your lip style today!

The world of lip piercings is diverse and breathtaking. There are placements and jewelry for everyone, no matter your taste or personality, and yet, they all share the ability to make you instantly stand out from the crowd as a unique individual. Let’s talk about the most popular lip piercing types.

Lip PiercingLip Piercing

Lip piercing types

There’s a staggering number of lip piercing placements for you to explore! Let’s give you a brief run-down so you can find the one that’s right for you.

  • Madonna: So named because it sits in the same place as her famous birthmark, above the upper lip, on the right side.
  • Monroe: Named after another iconic celebrity birthmark, also above the upper lip, but on the left side. No matter which side you pick, you’ll be evoking the influence and vitality of a strong woman. What’s not to love?
  • Side labret: This is an umbrella term for lip piercings placed off to the side, whether on the right or left side of the upper or lower lip. It sets itself apart from the Madonna and Monroe as it’s closer to the actual lip (don’t be confused by the name, even though labrets are also a type of jewelry. The jewelry is named after their close association with lip piercings in particular).
  • Medusa: Placed in the center of the upper lip, right in the concave area beneath the nose.
  • Lower labret: Counterpart to the Medusa, placed in the center curve beneath the lower lip.
  • Ashley: This one is placed directly in the center of the lower lip itself, not the surrounding skin, which makes it a stark and attention-grabbing placement.
  • Vertical labret: A combination of the lower labret and the Ashley, this lip piercing type exposes both ends of the jewelry, one on the lower lip itself and the other just below it.
  • Jestrum: Counterpart to the vertical labret, having its two entries in the center of the upper lip and just above it. While the vertical labret and Jestrum piercings are single piercings, their multiple entry points create a doubly jeweled display.

A beloved trend with all kinds of piercings is to experiment with multiple piercings, and the lip placements are certainly no exception. Here are some of the many options for double lip piercings, which completely reinvent the look and feel of the single types above.

  • Angel bite: A combination of the Madonna and Monroe piercings, each mirroring the other on either side of the upper lip.
  • Snake bite: Counterpart to the Angel bite but on the lower lip.
  • Cyber bite: A combination of the Medusa and lower labret piercings.
  • Dolphin bite: A double lower labret piercing, so two piercings close to each other in the center just below the lower lip.
  • Spider bite: Basically a double side labret, two piercings right next to each other on one side of the lower lip.
  • Dahlia: Uniquely, this double lip piercing sits at the very corners of the mouth.

Some lip piercing types are centered and signal great willpower, a stand-your-ground attitude that repels nonsense and champions a firm sense of self. Others are off-centered to make something refreshingly asymmetric, a quirky surprise to display your personality. Also, some draw attention to the upper or lower lip, or both, showing various levels of subtlety. The diversity is endless, but make no mistake, all of them embody a confidence that cannot be ignored.

We know, it’s quite a lot to take in. So take your time to consider the many expressive possibilities, and feel free to play around for yourself to come up with your very own compositions.

Lip RingLip Ring

Lip piercing jewelry

We mentioned the relationship between labret jewelry and lip piercings. So what is a labret? It’s a small, straight stud with a flat base on one end and the jewelry design on the other. That’s it, very simple but also very effective. When placed in a piercing, only the design part of the labret is visible and produces a nice and neat expression. The design part is often something fairly minimalistic, like the classic labret design, but the adornment of a shiny gemstone is also a popular choice. But really, you should go for whatever your own heart desires. Speaking of, maybe you fancy a cool heart striped in rainbow colors?

Although the labret is the most common, lip ring jewelry is also a major branch of lip decorations. Many lip piercing types look fantastic with a ring, including double piercings, like a Spider bite. Also, anything that works with a ring works with a horseshoe, which is actually a circular barbell. This shape gives you the liveliness of a circle with the added charm of two decorated ends.

Check out our selection, and let yourself fall in love with the variety of styles. We look forward to seeing your new look and how it lets you be your true self.

Lip RingsLip Rings


What size lip ring should I get?

The standard thread thickness for all the lip piercings described is 1.2 mm or 1.6 mm, depending on the thickness of your lips. You can always ask your piercer what is the ideal size for you.

How to take care of a lip piercing?

While your lip piercing heals, no matter what type it is, you should clean it multiple times every day. Clean it once with a saline solution to get rid of excess fluid, which is good for the healing process, and rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash after every meal.

You must always wash your hands before cleaning your piercing, and avoid touching it at all other times. The more the piercing comes into contact with other things, like your hands or clothes, the higher the risk of infection or general irritation. For lip piercings in particular, this means that you have to be especially careful when eating, drinking, etc. We don’t like telling you to lay off kissing, but you should let your piercing rest as much as possible while it heals, especially for the first few weeks.

The various ‘bite’ type piercings described above take 3-5 months to heal, and the Madonna, Medusa and lower labret take up to 6 months. So proper aftercare does require some commitment on your part - but it’s well worth it for that gorgeous look.

When can I change my labret piercing?

The jewelry placed in your new piercing by the piercer should stay in throughout the whole healing period. Changing the jewelry too soon will irritate your sensitive wound, and what’s more, healing piercings close up surprisingly quickly if given the chance, so never leave it without jewelry for even the briefest of moments.

Once your piercing is fully healed, that’s a different story. Then you can change your jewelry as much as you want and try out all of your awesome fashion ideas. However, you should still make sure to always keep something in your piercing. Although a healed piercing hole won’t close completely if left empty, it does grow smaller, especially exposed piercing types like lip piercings. This can make it difficult to fit your jewelry later, even to the point of needing professional help.

Lip Ring PiercingLip Ring Piercing

How to change lip piercings?

We want to make life as easy as possible for you, so most of our items are very simple to put on and take off. But do make sure that you know how the locking mechanisms of your jewelry work before you try to put anything on. Otherwise, you could potentially harm your favorite treasures.

A lot of our lip piercing rings have a hinged segment. You simply pull it open, insert the ring into your piercing, and close the hinged segment again, feeling a small click. On most barbells and some labrets you can unscrew the design part on one end so you can put that end through your piercing and screw the part back on. Here, pay attention to the threading. Most of our jewelry of this kind has internal threading, which is preferable because the alternative easily tears your skin as you insert the threaded end of the bar or stud.

Perhaps the most convenient of all, some labrets use a push-in mechanism, in which the design part has a small bent pin that you simply push into the rod. Due to the bend, it will lock itself into place securely enough not to fall out but loosely enough that you can pull it straight out at any time. This is great if you want to change your jewelry fast since you just place a pin with another design into the labret you’re already wearing.

Lip Rin JewelryLip Rin Jewelry

What to know before getting a lip piercing?

One thing to keep in mind before getting any piercing is the dedication it takes to care for it during the healing period. Lip piercings can be especially demanding since they are located in an area of the face that is constantly moving - when you speak, when you eat and drink, and even when you smile to yourself at the funny thing that happened the other day. So prepare yourself for a few months of paying close attention to your lips to make sure that the healing process is not disturbed. Apart from that, you should just look forward to an amazing new vibe that will take everyone by storm!

What lip piercing should I get?

With so many expressive possibilities, it can be an overwhelming task to decide which lip piercing to go for. Don’t worry. They all look fantastic in their own way, and the practicalities of aftercare and jewelry size are pretty much the same across all variants. So take a step back, and enjoy the freedom to pick the one that speaks to you, the one that makes you feel the most like yourself.