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Helix Piercing Jewelry

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Helix Piercing

The highly trendy helix piercing is incredibly popular, and we can certainly understand why. The helix is the curved area along the upper edge of your ear, and you can wear beautiful jewelry anywhere on this curve. So the exact location of your ear jewelry is entirely up to your own taste and creativity.

Due to the sheer variety of self-expression this piercing offers, it’s pretty unique, and we’d say uniquely pretty. If you are looking for amazing helix jewelry that captures your style you’ve come to the right place. Choose from a large selection of jewelry for all styles, outfits, moods, and seasons. Get them shipped with our reliable and tracked delivery and be ready to look fabulous, it’s that easy!

There is even plenty of room for more than one piercing, so you can put together a stunning double helix piercing, or why not, a triple helix piercing - you are only limited by your boldness and imagination. Beyoncé rocks five helix piercings, and she never looks anything but stunning.

Helix PiercingHelix Piercing

As you can tell, there are many kinds of helix piercing. If you get one on the upper cartilage closest to the temple, it’s called a forward helix piercing. It’s a little similar to a tragus, rook, or daith piercing and goes well with these, as Rihanna and Scar Jo have certainly proven.

There is also a flat helix piercing, which does not sit on the very edge of the ear, like most helix piercings, but on the flat area just before the folded rim. Of course, it’s impossible to categorize every millimeter of the helix, any of which is a possible placement for jewelry, so most variations don’t have a name. Maybe you will invent a new kind of helix piercing as you create the perfect look for your personality.

On top of the wide range of placements, you can wear different types of jewelry in your helix. You may go for something elegant like a twisty helix piercing ring or a small beaded labret for a cool pinpoint look. You could also really grab the attention with a sparkly stone-studded design or a horseshoe with spikes. And remember, the helix allows you to combine jewelry into a knockout composition uniquely to you.


Explore our collection, and you’ll find affordable helix jewelry in countless styles and designs to choose from. Your new favorite eye-catchers are waiting, pick them up today!

Helix Piercing FAQ

What is the standard size?

Helix piercings usually measure 1.2 mm. This is different for everyone, and your piercer may recommend a larger or smaller needle for your ear. But generally, studs and rings with this thread thickness fit most helix piercings.

When it comes to the bar length of a stud, make sure to wear a perfect fit because if the bar is longer than it needs to be, it may shift around and irritate your piercing. A nice standard length is 6 mm.

The same goes for ring diameter. The wider the diameter, the more lightly the circumference curves, and vice versa, so bigger rings fit more loosely than small ones. The standard diameter of a helix earring is 6-10 mm, depending on your desired fit and placement, as well as your anatomy. A great thing about earrings is that size variety alone makes for very different vibes, so feel free to experiment.

Be aware that when the piercing is new and still healing, you should wear jewelry with a longer bar to compensate for the swelling. We recommend that you steer clear of rings during the healing period because they easily turn inside the piercing, causing irritation.

Helix EarringsHelix Earrings

How long does a helix piercing take to heal?

Since the helix is a part of the cartilage, as opposed to the soft earlobe, healing will take some time. The healing period for a helix piercing is about 6-12 months, with proper care. Be aware that if your piercing gets irritated or infected, it will take longer, so treat your helix piercing carefully while it heals.

How do I treat my helix piercing while it heals?

During the healing period, clean your new helix piercing twice a day without removing the jewelry: once with water and soap for sensitive skin and once with a saline solution. The salt helps drain the fluids from the wound. Stick to two daily cleanings because if you overdo it, you just end up irritating your piercing even more.

Never touch your piercing during the healing period except when you clean it, otherwise, you risk infecting it with bacteria from your hands. Remember that healing piercings are very delicate.

Helix JewelryHelix Jewelry

Does it hurt to get a helix piercing?

On a scale from 1 to 10, the pain from getting your helix pierced is no more than a 3. So if the pain is what holds you back from getting a cool helix piercing, you have nothing to fear.

Of course, you should only ever get a piercing done by a professional, who uses the right equipment and knows the procedure. This is also to ensure correct hygiene and reduced risks of tissue damage.

What material is best for a helix piercing?

For new piercings and people with a nickel allergy, titanium is recommended because it is gentle on sensitive skin. Otherwise, pick whatever you fancy, like 14k gold or surgical steel.

Helix Piercing RingHelix Piercing Ring