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Piercing rings

If you’re looking for timeless jewelry for your piercing, there’s no question that the perfect choice is a ring. Body jewelry rings have always been and always will be in fashion, so when you browse our selection, you’re guaranteed to find many astonishing treasures. No matter where you’re pierced or what your style is, we have just the thing for you in the right size, material, and design. Look around and be inspired!

Almost all piercings can be ring piercings. It’s not just ear piercings that are great with a ring, but many other placements on your body are perfect for this type of jewelry: nose, lip, navel, nipple, eyebrow, you name it. So you have a lot of freedom to play around with your ring body jewelry and find the exact expression that suits your personality.

Piercing rings vary a lot in size, so depending on how you want to wear yours, consider what would look best for your piercing. Rings with a large diameter mostly fit an earlobe piercing because this area is fairly exposed. Other ear piercings work best with smaller rings, and the same goes for lip piercings. Most other piercings, however, can accommodate rings of a wide range of sizes. So, apart from what suits your personal anatomy, it’s really up to your own taste whether you want a huge or tiny ring in your septum, eyebrow, or nipple, for example.

Ring PIercingRing PIercing

The thread thickness of the ring, though, is another matter. What fits you depends entirely on the size of your piercing hole, and piercings in different parts of the body are not always made in the same size. So be aware of your piercing size when looking for a new fashion statement.

When it comes to ring size, bear also in mind that the diameter influences the tightness of the fit. A larger ring has a more smoothly curved circumference, which makes its passage through your piercing hole more straightforward. A smaller ring sits more tightly due to a narrower curve. That’s why a ring for a brand-new piercing should be larger than normal so it does not put undue stress on the healing skin.

Piercing rings are available with many different lock types. A popular mechanism is the hinged segment, which is when part of the ring’s circumference has a hinge. This makes it very easy to open and close with a small click, and there are no removable parts. A variation on this type is the clicker ring which is especially suitable for the septum. They tend to be extra decorative and eye-catching.

Ring Body JewelryRing Body Jewelry

A very interesting variant is what is known as a captive bead or ball closure. Here, the design of the jewelry includes a decorative ball that does double duty as the closing mechanism. The ball is removed from the ring, creating an opening for you to put on or take off the jewelry. It’s a wonderful combination of style and function, and it makes the ring’s opening completely invisible. The ball is not fixed to the ring at all, simply held in place by tension, but there’s also a version where the captive bead is permanently attached on one side so you never risk losing the closing ball.

No doubt the prize for the simplest lock type goes to seamless rings. This type of piercing ring is actually not fully closed, so the mechanism for opening the ring is nothing more than gently twisting the sides of the gap apart. It’s called seamless because there are no movable parts, lending the circumference an even, uninterrupted feel.

Rings Piercing JewelryRings Piercing Jewelry

As you can see, a ring isn’t just a ring - just like people. When it comes to design, you’ll find lots of surprises. For example, if you feel like dazzling everyone around you, a row of glittering gemstones is sure to do the trick. Some rings aren’t even circular but boast their own cool shapes, like a wonderful star. Still, the basic circle has undeniable grace, so maybe you’d prefer the classic ring design in your favorite color. Anything is possible, and we only want to see you be yourself.

Have a look through our collection of beautiful body jewelry rings, and let yourself fall in love over and over again. Don’t worry, we’ll catch you every time.

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What kind of ring should I use in my piercing?

Ring body jewelry is such a versatile piercing jewelry type that you have almost complete freedom to experiment with your style, no matter if your piercing is in the earlobe or the genitals. The only thing to be aware of is whether the size of your jewelry fits the size of your piercing. If you’re unsure of how big your piercing is, you can always ask your piercer. Once you know what fits you from a practical standpoint, you can go crazy with the fashion.

Can I wear rings in my stretched piercings?

Most piercings can be a ring piercing, and that includes stretchings. However, rings for this piercing type will be in the category of weights. A stretching weight is heavier than other jewelry and serves to stretch your piercing by constantly pulling it downwards, resulting in an elongated piercing hole rather than the usual round hole. A thick, heavy-duty piercing ring would be the perfect weight for your stretching if that’s the look you’re going for.

Ring PiercingsRing Piercings

What can I do if I cannot open a piercing ring?

If the locking mechanism of a ring you’re currently wearing refuses to budge, then start by asking a friend to gently help you remove it. Otherwise, see your piercer, who has special tools to open piercing jewelry of all kinds - or consider preparing yourself with a piercing ring opener of your own. If the jewelry is pinching your skin and it hurts, you may also want to seek medical attention.