Ring with double split stone band


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Nome: Ring with double split stone band

SKU: Ring-157

Thread thickness: 16G (~1.2 mm.

Lock type: Twist

Type: Twister ring

Placement: Forward helix, Anti-tragus, Helix, Lobe, Rook, Snug, Tragus

Ring diameter: 0.31" (~ 8 mm.)

Material: Brass

Type of gemstone: Zirconia

Coating type: Standard coating

Number of items: 1 piece

Is the jewelry coated?: Yes, the whole jewelry


The piece you can see here is what we call an endless ring. Not because it has no ends, but because they are hard to spot if you don't know exactly where they are. If you look at the corner of the picture, you will see that the ring is twisted - that's how you open the ring. Open it by twisting the ends in a spiral, then slide it into the piercing and press the ends back in place. 

The ring is available in three different colors. The only difference between the models is the color, as the shape, size, material, and everything else are the same no matter what color you choose. The ring is made of brass and has been plated in platinum for the silver-colored model and in 14-karat gold for the golden models. The ring has a thickness or gauge of 16g (1.2 mm) and a diameter of 5/16" (8 mm). In all, as far as we can count, there are 30 clear stones on each ring. 


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