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Tongue Piercing Jewelry

Explore our vast collection of tongue piercing jewelry featuring straight barbells and tongue bars in various designs

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Tongue Piercing

To express yourself with impact, surprise is often a great way to show people that there’s more to you than meets the eye. That’s certainly true if you have a tongue piercing. Mostly visible in brief flashes as you speak, tongue jewelry is a playful way to make people pay closer attention and send their imagination spinning. We have everything you need to make your impression with a tongue piercing, no matter what design, size or material is right for you. Our selection includes user-friendly and stylish options, such as surgical steel and 14k gold. What’s more, our swift delivery brings your new accessories to you in no time.

Unlike most other piercing types, the tongue does not leave room for much variation in terms of placement. After all, the ins and outs of tongue anatomy are pretty straightforward and tongue piercings are usually located on the midline of the tongue. But this piercing type more than makes up for that in sheer boldness and simplicity. Even before considering what jewelry to wear, just the idea of piercing the tongue makes a statement, loud and clear, that you dare to go where others don’t and to be yourself to the fullest.

Tongue PIercingTongue PIercing

It’s a statement about individuality, and as such, tongue piercings can be for anyone. From intense to cheeky, glamorous to edgy, all styles are possible. Tongue piercing jewelry usually means barbells, and we have them in all designs imaginable. If minimalism speaks to you, a popular choice is the straight bar with spherical ends. If you need a little more spark, but not too much, try it with a colorful gemstone. With something as fundamentally awesome as a tongue piercing, you’re free to explore the little details and see how they boost your vibe.

Though tongue jewelry is sometimes called a tongue ring, it’s not really a ring. Still, if you love the circle shape, some barbells use it in their design, like this one with a captive bead ring. Designs like this make the jewelry more elaborate and help show who you are with even more confidence once you discover the perfect look for your personality. Other options are humorous, such as a pill design that makes it look like there’s a pill resting on your tongue. This goes to show that your jewelry, whether simple or extravagant, does not have to be too serious if that’s what you like!

You could also get more than one tongue piercing made to allow you to combine jewelry - whether you want your dynamic duo to match and support each other or to create some experimental contrast. Just remember that space is limited, so maybe it’s best to go for smaller designs, but otherwise, go crazy, and be creative.

Dive into the endless surprising possibilities in our collection, and you’re bound to find something for you, something special that helps you stand out and scream to the world who you are.

PIercing RingPIercing Ring


What size tongue bar do I need?

The standard thickness of tongue bars is 1.6 mm, but the length varies a lot depending on your particular measurements. However, when you get the piercing done, it’s better to insert a bar that is longer in order to accommodate swelling, up to 22 mm. Later, when the piercing is healed, you can wear a shorter bar and see what is the most comfortable fit for you.

How to clean a tongue piercing?

A tongue piercing takes 3-5 months to heal if you take care of it well. Normally, healing piercings should be kept out of contact with other things to avoid infection, but that’s not really possible for your tongue. You need to eat, right? So you’ll have to be even more meticulous with your oral hygiene than you already are to give your tongue piercing the best conditions to heal in. Use an antibacterial mouthwash without alcohol (it’s important), right after each meal.

Remember to be extra mindful during the first weeks of your healing process: don’t eat spicy food or high in citrus (such as oranges and lemons) and avoid kissing.

Tongue PiercingsTongue Piercings

When can I change my tongue piercing?

Healing piercings need as much peace and quiet as possible, so do not change your jewelry while your piercing is still healing. Doing so increases the risk of infection, and the few seconds when your tongue piercing has no jewelry in it are enough to let the wound close up. You’ll have to wait, but taking the best care of your piercing is always worth it.

Tongue JewelryTongue Jewelry

What is the purpose of tongue piercings?

Interestingly, it is sometimes said that a tongue piercing can help ease anxiety. There are a few such beliefs around when it comes to the potential health benefits of piercings, probably due to their obvious association with acupuncture. Yet, there is no evidence that it actually works, so we do not recommend getting a tongue piercing as a treatment for anxiety or any other health problem. The only thing we know for sure is that it adds a great touch to your personal style and self-expression.

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