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Nipple Piercing Jewelry

Elevate your style with nipple piercing jewelry from various materials in different sizes, colors, and designs

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Nipple Piercing

Any piercing is always a very personal fashion statement, but nipple piercings are especially intimate and express who you are with even more bravura and confidence than most other piercing types. Most people probably won’t ever see it, so it will always be something special just for you and those closest to you. We offer a wide range of beautiful and empowering nipple piercing jewelry for you to explore, including diverse options in terms of design, size and materials, such as titanium and surgical steel. And thanks to our swift delivery, your new darlings will be with you soon - and for years to come.

It may come as no surprise that a nipple piercing passes through the nipple. One might think that nipples offer only a small repertoire of placements, due to their anatomical simplicity. But even something as straightforward as the orientation of the piercing makes a great difference in its expression. A horizontal nipple piercing may convey a sense of ease and stability, while a vertical one has a more energetic vibe. Or how about a diagonal piercing to show off a quirky personality? You’ve got 360 degrees to play with, so find the angle that’s just you.

Equally simple but effective is whether to get both nipples pierced or just one, and which one. Again, this matters greatly since going all in on both of them creates an image that is at once balanced and super outgoing. But having just one nipple piercing makes for a unique, asymmetric kind of grace. All in all, you have lots of room for personal touches to your nipple piercing or piercings.

Nipple PiercingNipple Piercing

What’s more, there is no shortage of cool and dazzling ideas for nipple jewelry. Since a nipple piercing has two exits, several kinds of jewelry are possible, all of which make for striking displays worthy of adoration. There are three basic types: nipple rings, nipple bars and nipple shields.

A nipple ring seems to echo the soft contours of the torso, emphasizing the features of your body. Whether the ring is large or small, it will bring attention to your nipple in a way that’s both elegant and exciting. A popular choice is a minimalistic ring for a neat look, but you might also love a more baffling design, like a skull. We’ve got lots of styles for you to try out, so have a look around, and discover your personal favorites.

Nipple RingNipple Ring

A nipple bar makes great use of both piercing holes by showing two visible, decorated ends. This allows for a double-whammy composition of separate bar ends working together to shine twice as brightly. It might be a couple of gemstones in your favorite color. This is not possible with a ring, since its circumference is closed, but a nice midway is a horseshoe, which gives you the exposed ends as well as the general curved shape of a ring. Feel free to experiment with the many options to see what suits your personality - who knows, you may even surprise yourself.

A nipple shield is basically an intricate addition to the bar. It’s called a shield because it creates a large surface to catch the eye with a more involved design, such as mesmerizing filigree. This is nipple piercing jewelry taken to the next level, and nobody who sees it will question your audacity. If you prefer total simplicity, maybe a nipple shield is not for you, but in the variety of designs, you might still find something cleaner to reflect your taste. On the other hand, if extravagance and loud-and-clear fashion statements are your jam, then this type of nipple jewelry could not be more perfect for you. It’s your body, so go with whatever makes you feel the most like you.

As you can see, there are plenty of awesome and personal ways to spice up this intimate part of your body. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and check out our collection of fabulous styles. You’ll surely find the perfect nipple accessories that speak to you.

Nipple PiercingsNipple Piercings


How painful is a nipple piercing?

As the nipple is quite a sensitive part of the body, piercing it is fairly painful, unfortunately. On a scale of 1-10, the pain level of getting a nipple piercing is an 8. That may sound scary but it is worth taking into consideration before getting the piercing. But if a nipple piercing is the perfect thing for you, do not let anything keep you from expressing yourself in the truest way possible. After all, the pain is brief, and you will enjoy your new look for years to come.

How long do nipple piercings take to heal?

The healing period of a nipple piercing varies a lot. It takes between 4 and 12 months. The reason it may take so long to heal is that it’s a part of the body that moves around a lot on a daily basis and is also in constant contact with clothes. These frequent disturbances prolong the healing time because the wound does not get the peace it needs. With good aftercare, however, you can also help your new piercing tremendously.

Clean your healing piercing twice a day, once with water and a PH neutral soap and once more, later in the day, with a saline solution. Always wash your hands before cleaning your piercing and avoid touching it at all other times. Otherwise, you risk infecting the wound with bacteria from your hands.

Nipple JewelryNipple Jewelry

When can you change a nipple piercing?

As long as your piercing is still healing, it’s important to keep the jewelry in place. Never take it out, not even to replace it with something else. It would only irritate the healing piercing and also give it a chance to grow back together. You’d be surprised how quickly this can happen, so keep the jewelry that you got from the piercer in place until the piercing is fully healed.

Once your nipple piercing is healed and ready to go, you can change the jewelry to anything you like. We do still recommend, though, that you never leave the piercing with no jewelry in it. It will not close up completely at this point, but it may become a little tighter and make it difficult to insert jewelry at a later time without causing tissue damage.

Nipple BarsNipple Bars

What’s the best jewelry for a nipple piercing?

For new piercings, we always recommend titanium jewelry because this material is easy on sensitive skin. Once your piercing is fully healed, you may of course change to something else, but nipples are generally a sensitive area and should be cared for. For a healed nipple piercing, surgical steel is a fine alternative to titanium as it is also hypoallergenic and lightweight, making it a gentle material for this part of the body.