Push-in titanium labret with a flower made of stone

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A labret is a very versatile piece of jewelry, as it can be used in various piercings. Due to the plate located at the bottom of the jewelry, it fits perfectly in lip piercings, as there is no ball hitting the teeth. The plate also implies that the space used is minimal. Besides, the plate is only 0.1" (2.5 mm) in diameter and 0.03" (0.8 mm) thick, which is a small size.

Likewise, the jewelry is also suitable for ear piercings, especially for a tragus piercing, as there should not be a large clumsy ball at the entrance of the ear. Here the plate is ideal again. However, as we already mentioned, it can also be used in other ear piercings, such as helix, forward helix, or just in the earlobe.

The jewelry is made of titanium, which is the material your piercer also uses when you're pierced. You can therefore use this piece of jewelry as first-time or initial jewelry. It's always a little more exciting to use jewelry with decoration instead of a simple ball without stones.

The top of the labret consists of seven tiny stones that together form a small flower -- a beautiful flower with six petals and a center stone. You can choose the color of the stones. A small pin is mounted on the back of the flower, which acts as a lock. You can simply pull the pin out of the bar, insert the bar through your piercing, and then press the pin into the bar again. The pin will sit in tension inside the bar. If you take it in and out several times, you may find that it gets easier with time. But don't worry! You can easily fix this by putting the top half into the bar and giving it a light bend. This will make the tension of the pin in the bar stronger again.

The flower is approx. 3/16" (5 mm) in diameter. The bar has a gauge or thickness of 16g (1.2 mm) and a length of 5/16" (8 mm).

NamePush-in titanium labret with a flower made of stone
Thread thickness1.2 mm.
Lock typePush-In
PlacementLobe, Tragus, Helix, Forward helix, Conch, Lower labret, Madonna, Medusa, Angelbite, Spiderbite, Snakebite
Length8 mm.
Type of gemstoneZirconia
Number of items1 piece
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Push-in titanium labret with a flower made of stone