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A medical isotonic saline spray is perfect for you if you want to take care of your new piercing. Saline solution is perfect for speeding up the healing process, and it doesn't cause any side effects that could harm you. This product is sold in many different containers, but this bottle is one of the best products if not the best. Here is why.

Blue Wave of Tattoo Goo comes in a very convenient container. Unlike others where you need to use another bowl to be able to apply it, Blue Wave has a spray that lets you apply it directly, and the unused product doesn't go to waste. 

This saline spray is sterilized and in perfect conditions. You won't need to make a homemade solution once a week anymore, because this bottle is ideal for applying in your piercings and it saves a lot of headaches. 

The only thing you need to keep in mind is to avoid contact with your eyes.

The measurements of this bottle are approximately 4 1/2 x 1 5/32" (11.7 x 3 cm), and it contains 2 ounces (59 ml) of sterilized saline solution. 

How to use saline rinse?

Isotonic saline solution is always used together with another product to cleanse your piercing. When the piercing is new, it's recommended to cleanse it twice a day. For example, in the morning and evening, apart from a daily shower.

You must cleanse your piercing once a day with a neutral PH soap or chlorhexidine and isotonic saline water.

The soap or chlorhexidine removes bacteria and allows your body to take care of healing only. Isotonic saline water must be used after washing the wound for a faster healing process. Isotonic saline water will not only speed up the healing process but will also minimize the possibility of having an unwanted ugly scar.

This isotonic saline solution must be used mornings and evenings, while the soap and chlorhexidine must be used once a day. 

Keep in mind that you should not take your piercing jewels off when cleaning them. Jewels must be kept on your body during the healing process.

What kind of piercings should I use isotonic saline solution for? 

Isotonic saline spray-rinse can be used in most body piercings, for example, belly button, nipple, ear piercings, dermal, nose, lip, and intimate piercings.

Yes, the list can be longer. So if you're tired of making salt solutions and want a very comfortable and practical option, add this product to your cart.

If, instead, you want to prepare it at home, read how to make a homemade isotonic saline solution.

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