Nose ring with light reflecting bead

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If you're looking for a nose ring to catch people's attention, this nose piercing jewelry with a light-reflecting bead must be yours.
The top bead will display an incredibly cool play of colors whenever light reaches it. But that’s not it, as you can also choose the bead tone from a variety of options - you can get, among other options, a blue or green bead. There are many colors available, so it's just a matter of taste.
The jewelry is made of surgical steel and coated with different plating types, depending on the color you select. For example, if you go for a black piece, the nose stud will be coated with plain black color.
Go ahead and create the combination you like the most!
Thread thickness0.8 mm.
TypeL-shaped nose stud
Length6 mm.
MaterialSurgical steel
Ball size2.5 mm.
Coating typeAnodized
Number of items1 piece
Is the jewelry coated?Yes. the whole jewelry
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Nose ring with light reflecting bead