Labret in a variety of colors and stone designs.




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Product Name: Labret in a variety of colors and stone designs.

SKU: U-Labret-103

Thread thickness: 16G (~1.2 mm.

Lock type: Internal thread

Type: Barbell

Placement: Angelbite, Forward helix, Conch, Helix, Lobe, Lower labret, Madonna, Medusa, Snakebite, Spiderbite, Tragus

Length: 0.31" (~ 8 mm.)

Material: Surgical steel

Ball size: 3 mm.

Gemstone color: Transparent

Type of gemstone: Zirconia

Is the item glued?: Yes

Coating type: Standard coating

Number of items: 1 piece

Is the jewelry coated?: Yes, the whole jewelry


Do you have a tragus or helix piercing, and happen to be looking for new jewelry?
Labrets are the most versatile jewelry type, that you can wear in a number of body piercings. The one you see in the picture has the advantage of being available in many different designs and colors. You get to choose the barbell color and the stud design.
This labret is internally threaded, which makes it safer and easier to pin in, as it won’t hurt your skin. It has a very exclusive look with a clear stone. The price, as you may note, is also super reduced. But besides, you can wear this labret in other piercings, as long as they're suitable for a gauge of 16g (1.2 mm) and a length of 5/16" (8 mm). 


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