Labret made of 14k gold with internal thread and gem


14K Rose gold

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Product Name: Labret made of 14k gold with internal thread and gem

SKU: U-Labret-124

Thread thickness: 16G (~1.2 mm.

Lock type: Internal thread

Type: Barbell

Placement: Angelbite, Forward helix, Conch, Helix, Lobe, Lower labret, Madonna, Medusa, Snakebite, Spiderbite, Tragus

Type of gemstone: Zirconia

Number of items: 1 piece


This labret can be used in a variety of piercings. It's most commonly used in the lip and ear, due to the flat plate on the back. The flat plate is comfortable to wear, for example, between the lip and the gums, where a regular ball would be annoying to use.

This labret is made of 14-karat gold and available in three different gold variants: classic yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. The amount of gold is the same in all three golden models. Apart from the gold color, you can also choose from different labret lengths and top stone sizes. If you're lucky to have three ear piercings, such as three helix piercings, you can buy three different stone sizes for a row of stones that get bigger or smaller towards the end.

The labret is equipped with an extra-long internal thread, which means that a few extra turns will be needed to screw the labret stud totally in, which is an advantage because it will avoid losing the stone. 

In short, this labret is suitable for different piercings and is made of 14k gold, a higher quality material than regular jewelry.


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