Hinged titanium ring with stones in two rows

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If you want the best material for your piercing, titanium is the obvious choice. This piece of jewelry is made of titanium. Therefore, you can use this ring in a completely new piercing.

The ring is equipped with a small hinged segment. It has a hinge on one end and when you press down the other end, a click tells you that your ring is securely closed. You can easily open it by pulling the hinged segment. The ring is available in different sizes -- choose the one that suits your anatomy.

The ring features two curved rows of tiny clear stones. One of the rows is part of the ring itself, while the second is an additional row mounted on the actual ring. The number of stones in the rows will be proportional to the diameter of the ring you choose. 

The ring can be used in several piercing types, such as in the septum piercing or in one of the many ear piercings.

Thread thickness1.2 mm.
Lock typeHinged
TypeHinged ring
Gemstone colorTransparent
Type of gemstoneZirconia
Number of items1 piece
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Hinged titanium ring with stones in two rows