Large captive bead ring

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Do you need a captive bead ring for your gauge? Take a look at this fantastic large ring at a very reduced price. 

It's made of surgical steel and available in different diameters and gauge sizes.

Since it's a thick captive bead ring for gauges, it can be tricky to insert and remove the ball, so we recommend using a ring opener. 

The ring is available in gauge sizes from 12g to 00g (2-10 mm).

If you are looking for a large quality captive bead ring with some weight, this is the perfect ring for you. 

NameLarge captive bead ring
Product card text swatchMore sizes
Lock typeCaptive bead ring
TypeCaptive bead ring
PlacementSeptum, Prince Albert, Frenum, Hafada, Lorum
MaterialSurgical steel
Number of items1 piece
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Large captive bead ring