Hanger with hand-carved angel wing from horn

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If you have an ear gauge and you like jewelry with personality, you may like this beautiful hanger.

It's made of water buffalo horn, after a healthy life in nature. The horns and bones of the animals are collected after a long life to make jewelry like this. 

Note that horn is an organic material, meaning that the models can vary from each other; you won't find two identical hangers. Some are semi-opaque, while others are entirely opaque. That's precisely the magic of organic material jewelry. However, if you buy more than one in the same purchase, we will do our best to select two hangers that are similar to each other.

Note that this hanger is sold individually and is hand-carved on both sides, so there isn't a hanger for the left or the right ear. 

It's available in 6 different sizes that range from 8g to 00g (3 to 10 mm). Choose your gauge size from the drop-down menu above. 

NameHanger with hand-carved angel wing from horn
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Hanger with hand-carved angel wing from horn